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While it may seem safe to assume that everyone has a firm grasp of the basics of oral health care – specifically, cleaning your teeth – that’s just not the case. If it were, the amount of cavities, root canals, and implants performed by Dr. Gerald Spoto here at Pro Spoto Dental in Tampa, Florida, would likely drop dramatically.

So to help you make sure your oral health is up to task, let’s return to the very basics and go over the need-to-know tips for tooth care.

Brush twice a day

Brushing once a day isn’t enough. To thoroughly clean your teeth to the extent at which they deserve, you need to brush twice daily. This removes as much plaque, food, and other debris as possible from between your teeth. Not brushing twice a day is practically asking for cavities and other forms of tooth decay.

Never skip flossing

Only four in ten adults floss their teeth on a regular basis. That’s pretty ridiculous, right? It’s even crazier when you take into account the fact that flossing is essential in promoting great oral health.

If you still need some tips or help with your oral health care habits, call us today at (813) 884-3287 to see how we can help.