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Since first impressions during important social interactions matter to many people, so does the impact of a great smile because it can instantly enhance your features and boost your confidence. If your smile isn’t naturally white, we invite you to consider teeth whitening, one of the fastest and simplest ways to achieve your dream smile. Below, we offer three statements about teeth whitening to provide you with important information about the treatment.

Why It’s Safe

Professional whitening treatment is performed by dentists and other dental professionals, who have the knowledge to offer customized options based on the quality of your health, and can create safe treatment plans that provide maximum results.

Why It’s Preferred

Many people prefer teeth whitening to other cosmetic dentistry options because, unlike dental veneers and replacement crowns, it doesn’t require the removal of natural tooth structure. While every cosmetic procedure has an appropriate situation, teeth whitening is one of the most minimally invasive and conscious of healthy teeth.

How It’s Done
The process of teeth whitening is fairly simple. Dr. Gerald Spoto pairs custom-created trays designed for your teeth with a powerful dental peroxide bleach concentration. These are placed on your teeth for a certain amount of time to lighten the tooth surface. The number of treatments needed will vary based on how much brightening you desire.

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