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A dental crown is an excellent option to restore your dental health if you have developed tooth decay. But did you know that the uses of a dental crown extend beyond their ability to treat decayed teeth? Dr. Gerald Spoto offers a list of several dental conditions that could merit a dental crown:

– Weak tooth: When a weak tooth is at risk of breaking, cracking, or becoming decayed, a dental crown provides strength and protection.

– Broken tooth: The broken parts of a tooth can be held together with a dental crown.

– A large dental filling with little tooth structure: If the majority of the tooth is gone, a dental crown may be needed to support the filling.

– Dental bridge: Depending on the dental bridge, dental crowns may be used as anchors to attach the dental bridge to your smile.

– Tooth irregularities: Abnormal shaped, size, or color can be improved with a dental crown.

– Dental implant: A dental crown is used to complete a dental implant and replace a missing tooth.

– Lack of restorative options: A dental crown may be able to support and protect a damaged tooth or jaw structure when a dental composite, veneer, or implant cannot.

– Unwanted cosmetic flaws: A dental crown has many aesthetic benefits, including improving the appearance of a cosmetically flawed tooth.

– Root canal treatment: Many dentists cover a tooth with a dental crown following root canal treatment.

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