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Limiting the effects of bruxism includes being aware of all issues associated with it. Because bruxism is an underlying oral health condition which can often go unnoticed, you will need to make sure you’re constantly monitoring your teeth and gums to determine if it is present. YOu should check for visual clues such as damage to your teeth or soft tissues when you wake up in the morning.

If you are suffering from bruxism in your sleep, you can often experience increased tooth sensitivity or muscles soreness in the morning, which can be accompanied by jaw and facial pain, dull headaches, earaches or issues associated with a jaw that won’t fully open or close. Furthermore, if you notice any strange markings on your tongue or have damage to your cheek tissues, you could be suffering from sleep bruxism.

If you believe that you are indeed suffering from bruxism, you’ll need to go to your dentist for an exam. The dentist will be able to diagnose your oral health and determine if any forms of damage may be present. If bruxism is occurring, the dentist may suggest using an toral appliances known as a night guard to help treat the condition. Furthermore, oral exercises can be used to help aid in the prevention of bruxism.

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