A Custom Fitted Partial Can Restore the Function of Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth to advanced tooth decay or extractions, you’re likely interested in exploring your restoration options. One viable option that some people choose is to have our dentist, Dr. , fit them for a custom partial. Dr. Spoto will start by examining your mouth and taking… Read more »

What Problems Can You Have With Your Teeth When you Age?

As you know, everyone ages. Similarly, you may have heard that you’ll lose your teeth as you age. However, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, with proper care, your teeth can last for your entire lifetime. However, if you don’t care for your teeth well, you could lose your teeth. For example, if gum disease… Read more »

Restoring a Decayed Tooth with a Crown

When the bacteria in your mouth exploit weakened tooth enamel, they can form a significant cavity. If the cavity isn’t repaired quickly, it can spread. If too much of the enamel has been decayed, your dentist might recommend having the entire enamel layer restored with a dental crown. Most dental crowns in , , are… Read more »

Welcome Summer with Our Professional Cleaning and Exam

Welcome to Pro Spoto Dental online, your family’s resource for quality, comprehensive dental services. Dr. Gerald Spoto and our dedicated team love helping our patients in Tampa, Florida, and the neighboring communities maintain healthy, confident smiles with our dental cleanings and exams. So if you have not had your six-month cleaning yet this year, now is… Read more »