Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious threat to your oral health and your health in general. That is why we want to highlight the importance of recognizing the symptoms of gum disease like bleeding gums, loose teeth, and persistent bad breath. And, by understanding the causes of gum disease, you may be able to reverse the… Read more »

Get Help for Your Constant Bad Breath

If you have bad breath, you do not have to struggle alone. Our team of experts is happy to help you with your halitosis. Here at in , , our team is dedicated to your oral health, which is why we are happy to give you this basic information on overcoming bad breath. Did you… Read more »

Are You Secretly Suffering from Bruxism?

Are you secretly suffering from bruxism? If your teeth or gums look abnormal in ways that cannot be easily be explained, you may be suffering from bruxism. If you would like more information dealing with bruxism, listed below are some frequently asked questions: What are other disorders regularly linked to bruxism? – Bruxism is commonly… Read more »

Improve the Look of Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

If you have sustained damage to your teeth, brushing and flossing will not be enough to make your smile look its best. Instead, opt in for a cosmetic dentistry service to improve the look of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can be used for a wide variety of services, including fixing or concealing irregular or damaged… Read more »

People in Rural Areas with Well Water Might Benefit from Fluoride Supplements

Families that live and work in urban and suburban areas often benefit from fluoridated water. This helps strengthen their tooth enamel from mild acid erosion caused by certain foods and beverages and any minor inconsistencies in their oral hygiene regimen. People living in rural areas that have well water often miss out on these fluoride… Read more »

Dental Sealants are Effective at Preventing Biting Surface Cavities on Your Child’s Back Teeth

As a parent, maintaining the health of your child’s teeth is important. While instilling good oral hygiene habits is certainly beneficial for long-term oral health, there are still further measures you can take that can help prevent cavities. Many permanent molars and premolars have deep textures along their biting edges. If stray food material and… Read more »

What Over-the-Counter Whitening Treatments Are Available?

A dull, yellow, and unattractive smile can hinder your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter whitening treatments available in , , that can help you brighten your teeth within the walls of your own home. However, no matter which product you choose, make sure it has been approved by the American Dental Association. That way… Read more »

Tooth Care for Dummies

While it may seem safe to assume that everyone has a firm grasp of the basics of oral health care – specifically, cleaning your teeth – that’s just not the case. If it were, the amount of cavities, root canals, and implants performed by Dr. here at in , , would likely drop dramatically. So… Read more »

Can Teething Remedies Help Your Child?

You probably know that teething is a painful experience, but do you ever think about when your child’s first teeth should come in? Usually, the first tooth will erupt when your child is about four months old, but it could come in when your child is eight months old. Generally, your child’s last tooth will… Read more »

Restore Your Teeth to Their Former Glory

Have you ever considered getting a tooth restoration service? Although they are primarily used to fix unhealthy or damaged teeth, some services can be used simply to make your smile look nicer. In the case of professional teeth whitening treatments from our team at , we can safely brighten your teeth by up to ten… Read more »