These Dental Conditions Can Indicate the Need for a Dental Crown

A dental crown is an excellent option to restore your dental health if you have developed tooth decay. But did you know that the uses of a dental crown extend beyond their ability to treat decayed teeth? Dr. offers a list of several dental conditions that could merit a dental crown: – Weak tooth: When… Read more »

Fun Games to Teach Your Child about Dental Health

Good dental care begins at home with parents and their children. Here are some fun activities for you and your children to try: Mouth Self Portrait: You’ll need a handheld mirror, colorful crayons and a sheet of computer paper. Beckon your child to a well-lit area and ask them to look in the mirror, open… Read more »

How to Solve Halitosis

Many people suffer from halitosis, which is also known as bad breath, from time to time. Bad breath can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Did you know that there are certain things that can cause halitosis and that there are ways to keep halitosis at bay? Causes of bad breath include: – Dry mouth – Gum… Read more »

What Can a Dental Veneer Do for Me?

Dental veneers are wafer-thin products that can help you, your teeth, and your smile. Your dentist, Dr. , will place the veneer by trimming some of your enamel, taking measurements, sending the measurements to a lab (where your veneer will be created), and then cementing the veneer in place when it is ready. To find… Read more »

Fact Finder: Composite Dental Fillings

Holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. Before you know it, the sweets and treats that fill the air will be aplenty. However, the temptations that will be placed in front of you can easily damage your teeth. In the event of a cavity, it is important to treat it with a… Read more »

Correcting Oral Health Issues with Dental Bonding

Are you interested in a dental restoration treatment to improve your smile this fall season? With the oncoming harvest season rush, be aware that the treats and sweets that come into your life can easily damage your teeth either by eroding your tooth enamel or by fracturing and splitting your teeth. If damaged should occur,… Read more »

Acidic Foods and Your Smile

Acidic foods can be delicious. However, the acid that tastes so good can also eat away at your tooth enamel, causing tooth decay and cavities. This process is known as dental erosion. If your tooth enamel is damaged and the acids are left unchecked, it could eventually lead to the loss of teeth. The foods… Read more »

It’s Best to Avoid These Dangers While Whitening Your Smile

If you’re about to whiten your teeth, it’s best to keep your oral health in mind by avoiding the teeth whitening dangers. That’s right, there are some dangers involved in whitening treatment, whether it’s an over-the-counter, at-home, or in-office treatment. Our dentist, Dr. , would like to help you keep your smile in top-notch condition… Read more »

Can Colds and the Flu Play a Role in Your Oral Health Care?

Can colds and the flu play a role in your oral health care? Although your oral health may not be to blame for the illness, it is still vital to care for your smile to ensure the sickness will not harm it. Here are some things you should know about oral health care during cold… Read more »

What Do You Know about Crowns and Veneers?

Have you ever asked yourself what the best form of tooth restoration therapy is? While there are many forms of tooth restorations that can have a tremendous impact on your oral health, two of the highest quality and most well-received treatments are dental crowns and dental veneers. Both are created to enhance the look and… Read more »