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Good dental care begins at home with parents and their children. Here are some fun activities for you and your children to try:

Mouth Self Portrait:

You’ll need a handheld mirror, colorful crayons and a sheet of computer paper. Beckon your child to a well-lit area and ask them to look in the mirror, open their mouth and to name the parts of the mouth that they can see, like their teeth, gums, tongue, or the roof of their mouth. If they have trouble naming some of the things, you can teach them the words. Then ask them to draw what they see and help them label each part of the mouth. This is a great activity for a 3-year-old.

Proper Brushing:

This activity goes beyond showing your child how to brush in the bathroom mirror. Sketch the outline of a tooth on a dark piece of construction paper. Then give your child an old toothbrush and some white paint and challenge them to cover the entire tooth with their “toothpaste”. You can demonstrate different techniques like brushing up, down, sideways and circular motions to make sure that the entire tooth is white.

Supermarket Collage:

Do you ever struggle to help your child eat healthy food? See if you can test their knowledge on foods that are good for their teeth versus foods that will cause dental issues. Write on one side of a piece of paper “Good Foods” and on another “Foods that can hurt my teeth”. Then gather some supermarket fliers. Help your child to cut out various foods and glue them on one side or another.

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