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The internal pulp, nerves, and dentin of your teeth is protected by tooth enamel, which receives its durable strength from the microscopic mineral crystals that are densely packed, providing your teeth with the ability to bite off and chew up hard foods. The quality of the mineral crystals in the tooth enamel helps rebuff bacteria in the mouth so that it can’t create pockets of tooth decay, commonly known as cavities.

Unfortunately, consuming lots of acidic foods and beverages or having a high amount of bacteria can erode the mineral crystals and create channels from the enamel into the teeth, making them sensitive to acidic, sweet, hot, and cold foods. Depending on the cause of your tooth sensitivity, fluoride treatment may be an effective solution to treating enamel erosion.

If your teeth don’t receive sufficient fluoride exposure, the enamel can erode and form microscopic channels that expose the sensitive under layers of the tooth. Symptoms of enamel erosion can include sharp pain when you eat or drink food that triggers tooth sensitivity.

If you and Dr. Gerald Spoto determine that your tooth sensitivity is associated with enamel erosion, we can provide in-office fluoride treatment or fluoride supplements. You may also find that using a fluoride toothpaste helps to strengthen your tooth enamel and treat tooth sensitivity.

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