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Are you interested in a dental restoration treatment to improve your smile this fall season? With the oncoming harvest season rush, be aware that the treats and sweets that come into your life can easily damage your teeth either by eroding your tooth enamel or by fracturing and splitting your teeth. If damaged should occur, a dental bond may be required.

Dental damage including splits or cracks in your teeth will require treatment. If left untreated bacteria can seep into the cracks and cause infections and eventual tooth loss. With a dental bond, the area can be treated and your tooth can look as good as new.

Dental damage due to the deterioration of your tooth enamel over time is often the result of cavities. If a cavity does arise, a dental bonding treatment can be used as an alternative to a dental filling to repair your smile. Although amalgam fillings are effective for treating cavities, they leave a metallic appearance. Dental bonding treatments, on the other hand, can mimic the natural color of your teeth thanks to the porcelain and resin-based materials used.

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