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You probably know that teething is a painful experience, but do you ever think about when your child’s first teeth should come in? Usually, the first tooth will erupt when your child is about four months old, but it could come in when your child is eight months old. Generally, your child’s last tooth will come in before they’re two years old. Luckily, while your little one is teething, you may be able to keep them comfortable with different remedies.

Giving your child something cold to bite down on can help your child deal with their discomfort. Biting down could also make your child more comfortable because it will break down the tissue of their gums, making it even easier for the tooth to come in-. Teething rings are also useful because they numb the sore area, making pain temporarily disappear.

You may also be able to use over-the-counter gels to numb up the sore area. Naturally, this should keep your little one even more comfortable, if only temporarily. Still, please avoid using too much of this gel, as this can numb their entire mouth. If this medicine doesn’t work well, you could get a prescription from a pediatrician. Vanilla extract could also be helpful.

While your little one is going through the pains of teething, they may struggle to eat and to drink. Generally, we suggest avoid eating solid foods as this could cause them pain. Giving them flavored water, or flavoring their water, might also be enough to help your child stay comfortable and hydrated. Distracting your child could also be helpful. For example, you could give them toys or videos to watch.

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