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Can colds and the flu play a role in your oral health care? Although your oral health may not be to blame for the illness, it is still vital to care for your smile to ensure the sickness will not harm it. Here are some things you should know about oral health care during cold and flu season:

– Although actions while having a cold or the flu may be limited, it is still essential to continue your daily oral health care routines including brushing and flossing.
– Try not to brush your teeth immediately after being sick if you are vomiting, as your teeth are vulnerable to the harmful acids in your stomach and brushing will only make it worse.
– Stay hydrated and avoid foods or medications that can cause dry mouth symptoms.
– Consuming healthy fluids can help treat colds and the flu. For your oral health, you should always try to stay away from drinks that contain sugar.
– If you routinely use cough drops, always look for sugar-free versions, as sugars will continue to damage your tooth enamel.
– Never share or use some else’s toothbrush as your chances for colds and the flu will increase.

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